"Lisa's parenting class is the best thing I have done as a mother. It should be a requirement for all parents."

Juli, mother of 2

"As a mother of three small children, I was told by their pediatrician, family members and friends to discipline them by using time outs, a harsh mommy voice, passive aggression, threats, bribes—you name it.  None of those suggestions ever worked well or long-term. I was frustrated to be resorting to those supposed quick-fixes and felt badly about being a drill sergeant…I took one of Lisa's classes and expected more of the same suggestions but instead she addressed the motivations of children and how to understand them and relate to them.  Her theory and methodology made sense to me and I knew instinctively they would work.  Now, my home is much more harmonious and I feel good about my parenting.  It is great to know that I can have 24/7 access to Lisa's insight as my very own "parenting coach" via her website.  Each stage of parenting has its own unique set of challenges and so I will be checking in all along the way to make sure I am being the best parent possible and I trust that Lisa will be able to lead me in the right direction."  

-Brittany, mother of 3

Attending [Lisa's] Family Forum classes and seminars has been the best thing I have done for my family.  Through the classes and seminars I have become a better mom, wife and maybe even a better friend.  Family Forum gave me logical, practical ways to change my own behavior to get the best from my kids.  The classes improved my ability to listen and ask the right questions to solve behavior problems.  I learned that by offering my children more choices, giving them more equality in the decision-making in the home, and giving them more quality time with me I will receive more respect and cooperation from them.

I used to use yelling and punishment to try to get my children to behave; however, I often went to bed feeling guilty and ashamed.  My kids did things I asked only out of fear or to receive my praise.  I started the Family Forum class feeling frustrated, disappointed in myself and even a little hopeless.   After attending the class, I am less stressed, more confident in my parenting, and I enjoy a more peaceful, balanced home where I no longer feel the need to yell.   My kids are calmer, more cooperative and better at solving their own problems…

-Maggie, mother of 3

I attended my first series of "Lisa classes" five years ago when my son was 3 and my daughter was an infant. The classes made such an impact on how I view parenting and how I communicate with my kids. Power struggles and stress are no longer central themes, and my entire family is happier!  

The classes gave me an understanding of the reasons behind various behaviors, as well as how to recognize and deal with my own emotional responses to behaviors and situations. Having that understanding has completely changed the way I handle frustrating situations. Staying calm, having a plan and being consistent makes all the difference!  

The classes also focus on mutual respect, and the importance of maintaining that, even with a screaming child. It's an obvious concept, but the classes help to keep it in the front of my mind. I have a better daily awareness that my children will learn behaviors based on what I model for them.   

…The philosophy of the classes has actually impacted many aspects of my life in such a positive way, including my relationship with my husband, parents, friends, etc. And it is a constant work in progress! I have attended a few of Lisa's classes over the past five years, and I plan to attend many more in the years to come. I enjoy going to class and talking with other parents about their experiences, and I always learn something!

- Kim, mother of 2