About The Parents' Almanac

We are real parents. We are here to bring the joy back to parenting.

We are inspired by love, faith and good hearts. We believe that little by little, person by person, we can help families grow stronger and last forever.

We believe that parenting is not about being perfect. It's about being real. The more we try to control who our children become, the more we limit their potential. Just like some flowers need direct sunlight and others do not, being a great parent is understanding and appreciating that each child has his or her ideal "growing conditions."

We believe that parenting is about what we know. Often times we believe our shortcomings are a lack of ability. Rather, it's a lack of knowledge. We want families to have a better chance of success by giving them the right tools.

As a dear friend and role model once said, "Humans are the only species who have forgotten how to parent." Bears know how to teach cubs to hunt. Birds know how to teach chicks to fly. It's in all of us. We are here to open hearts and minds to things we already know, we just forget to use.

Our place in this world is in the heart of the family.

The most difficult part about being a parent is what we learn about ourselves in the process. Our children are mirrors of ourselves -- we get back what we role model.

Life gets hard and filled with distractions. And usually it's easier to take the easy way out. But at the end of the day, we believe that our relationships are far more important than our "to-do" lists.

We believe in parenting potential. That is to say that we are not all born great parents, but we can all learn to be great parents. That's pretty compelling.

We believe that good homes foster good souls. And good souls give back to this world.

It all starts with family.